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Few people are of the view that slaughtering an innocent animal is a moral crime therefore, charity to the poor is better and kind act. They believe Muslims just kill animals and eat them leaving behind poor with an empty hand.

Morally or logically, the argument is pathetic because the sacrifice is not merely an eat festive rather it is a successful annual cycle of economic growth in which, many industries are involved. Merchants and traders feed and care animals throughout an year. Livestock industry provides jobs to the locals. Domestic farmers get profit by selling the forb, wheat, and other agricultural animal food. Butchers grab millions of rupees in just three days. Moreover, the event boosts factories work to produce leather items. Poor people from all across the Muslim country eat free meat for many days. Now you can imagine how much the population is involved in an eve to make it the biggest economic activity of a country especially in Pakistan and other Muslim countries.

People having negative notions about the event either fail to understand the actual cause of sacrifice or they intentionally promote paid agendas.

It is not merely a slaughter or bloodshed of an animal rather the idea is to show faith of sacrifice for the well-being of humanity and obtain piety from Allah. As He says;

Henceforth, the sole purpose of Eid ul Azha sacrifice is not to eat or kill an animal, but to sake God’s mercy by following the commandments of God. God says;

So at the end, what else remains for us except obeying Allah. Qur’an is the word Allah so therefore, it is eminent upon us all to follow whatever He says and quit whatever he forbibs.