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Meaning of Quran

Quran is an Arabic name derived from verb Qaraa قرأ which means to recite and read again and again. So Quran is a noun.

It was all revealed verbally through the angel Gabriel جبرئیل. Quran was revealed upon the last messanger of God during the period of 23 years. Among them, 13 years were spent in Makkah whereas 10 years in Madina.

The first revelation was;

“Read in thy name of God who has created”

The first revelation was revealed upon Holy Prophet at the age of 40 in the cave Hira which was situated in suburbs of Baitullah ( the house of God ). It was an year 609 CE.

Indeed, Quran is the most recited book all around the globe 🌍.

Learn Quran Online

Important and brief information about Quran

1- Meaning of Quran is, the book which is recited again and again or the most recited book.

2- Quran comprises of 30 juzz.

3- It was revealed upon the last messanger of God Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H).

4- Quran contains 114 Surahs. Among them, 86 are revealed in Makkah so they are named as Makki Surahs. 28 Surahs are revealed in Madina so they are called Madni Surahs.

5- Quran has 6666 verses.

6- The longest Surah of Quran is Al Baqarah while the shortest one is Surah AL Kauthar.

7- Quran e Majeed contains seven manazil.

8- Surah Yaseen is named as the heart of Quran.

9- Surah Rahman is called the zeenatul Quran.

10- The name Adam (A.S) has been discussed 25 times in Quran.

11- Five countries or cities are mentioned in Quran, Egypt, Rome, Makka, Madina, Madyan.

12- name Quran has been used 70 times.

13- First sajdah is situated in nineth juzz.

14- Name Muhammad has been used 4 times.

15- God has 99 names in Quran.

16- Quran is the only book 📚📖 in the world memorized by millions of it’s belivers.

17- No one has ever challenged it’s single verse successfully.

18- Quran comprises of different social issues like government, justice, equality, women rights, familial rights, moralities, ethics, and much more.

19- Quran provides the complete code of conduct.

20- it is the only book 📖 in the world 🌎 recited in rhythmic and melodious voice.